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Weplay Apple Links is a building block set that provides various levels of stacking activities. The Caterpillars can be used to link the Apples in complex structures, this activity enhances fine movement ability and develops hand-eye-brain integration. Children can thread the Apples and the Leaves by Needle Caterpillar, threading, and tying with the Needle provides basic training for daily self-care abilities.

Product Feature

  1. By combining or sequencing the Apples, the Leaves, and the Caterpillars, children could challenge and enhance both finger dexterity and cognitive motor skills.
  2. Stackable Apples provide limitless possibilities for balance games and various levels of stacking activities.
  3. While threading the Apples and the Leaves, children could experience different textures.
  4. The Caterpillars come in two different lengths for more versatile designs.
  5. Threading and tying with the Needle Caterpillar provide basic training for daily self-care abilities.
  6. The Needle Caterpillar can be used to link the Apples in different structures and make more interesting and unique creations!
  7. The Apples in two colors give more versatile designs and allow for playing instructional activities.
  8. A set of Weplay Apple Links can be used by a single child or by a group of children.

Product Value

  1. Enhance fine movement ability through threading the Apples with the Needle Caterpillar and tying knots.
  2. Connecting the Apples, the Caterpillars, and the Leaves helps develop hand-eye-brain integration.
  3. Enhance the stability of hand muscle control and spatial stacking concept by stacking only the Apples or just the Caterpillars (large and small).
  4. Promote creative thinking through creative design.
  5. Spatial concepts are explored while threading with the Needle Caterpillar and building concrete structures with different components.
  6. Children can advance their attention and observation skills by moving the Needle Caterpillar backward through the finished creation to release it.


  • Components:
    • Green Apple x 10 ( 4 × 4 × 4 cm ) 
    • Red Apple x 10 ( 4 × 4 × 4 cm )
    • Caterpillar (S) x 20 ( Ø 0.7cm × 4.6 cm ) 
    • Caterpillar (L) x 20 ( Ø 0.7cm × 7 cm )
    • Needle Caterpillar x 2 ( Ø 0.5cm × 5.3 cm )
    • String x 2 ( 100cm )
    • Dual-colored Leaf x 20 ( 3 × 2 cm )
  • Materials include: PP, Nylon, Polyester, Non-woven
  • Country of origin: Taiwan

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