Totsafe Disney Quick Dry Microfiber Towel
Brightly decorated with your favorite Disney characters, the Totsafe Disney Quick Dry Microfiber Towel is sure to bring buckets of smiles during bath time, a day at the beach, or a day of sports! --- Made from super smooth, special...
Totsafe Label N Go Write-On Self-Laminating Stickers
Label ’N Go Write-on Self-laminating Stickers are perfect to label just about anything! Use them on bottles, sippy cups, food containers, office, and school supplies.   Writable Water-proof Microwave-safe Freezer-safe  --- Use them for: School: Baby bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, and food...
Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors - Powder Blue (New)
Introducing the new and improved Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors. Now in a fresh color of powder blue, with a protective cover for the blades, and a clear carrying case for storage. It also comes in box packaging. --- Totsafe Ceramic...
Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors - Lime
Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors are the most efficient way to prepare your kids’ meals. When dining outside or even at home, you can simply cut food into bite-size pieces using Totsafe Ceramic Food Scissors faster than a fork and knife, making mealtime faster and more...
₱980.00 ₱780.00
Totsafe Premium Melamine Dishware Sets
Because it takes a lot of imagination to make mealtime with kids easier and more enjoyable, we’ve created the cutest kids dishware to add sparkle and storytelling to your mealtimes. Venture into the African Safari, go on a Dinosaur exploration, imagine...
Totsafe Steam 'N Go Microwave Bags
TOTSAFE STEAM ‘N GO MICROWAVE STERILIZER BAGS easily and conveniently sterilizes your items in as fast as 90 seconds with the use of just any microwave oven.  --- Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria Sterilizes in as fast as 90 seconds Reusable up...
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