Mamii Moon Onion Balm
The primary natural extracts from red onions are in Basp Shallot, a mild formulation. Additionally, a variety of organic components aid to make breathing easy, comfortable, and fresh. --- Benefits: - Reduce symptoms of nasal congestion - Reduce symptoms from...
Mamii Moon Sweet Guard Mosquito Patch
Protection from Mosquitos for all ages! Stop your worries with Mamii Moon's Sweet Guard Mosquito Patch with a pleasant smell for more comfort! Made from natural extracts which scare off mosquitos wherever you are! --- Gentle formula, suitable for all...
Mamii Moon Organic Refreshing Patch
Mamii Moon Organic Refreshing Patch relieves stuffy noses and nasal congestion, the best item for you and your babies! --- It has a sweet scent and is not pungent.Safe to use for babies, children, and adults.Use it together with our...
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