SansFluo Infant's Dental Brush and Gum Massager with Hygiene Case
Parents are encouraged to begin instilling the tooth-brushing habit in their babies as soon as the first tooth appears. When the child's mouth is not brushed or cleaned, sugars in milk form a plaque film that serves as a breeding...
SansFluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser 50ml
For infants and little kids, brushing teeth and rinsing properly is still a learning process, so they often get to swallow some or all of their toothpaste. For children below two years of age, it is not recommended to use...
SansFluo Natural Tooth & Gum Wipes
Sometimes, a full tooth-brushing or gum-cleansing routine may not be possible when we’re out and about with babies and tiny tots. That’s when tooth and gum wipes come in handy. SansFluo Natural Tooth & Gum Wipes are made 100% biodegradable and...
SansFluo Natural Kids Toothpaste
For kids 4 and up, this is your child's next companion in the practice of good oral habits. Contains Calcium to strengthen teeth, Xylitol to reduce tooth decay and promote fresh breath, and Fibregum that is packed with antimicrobial properties...
SansFluo Natural Teething Gel
Give infants and little kids temporary relief from sore gums due to teething with SansFluo  Natural Teething Gel. It contains Xylitol that gives a cooling effect in relieving pain, Raspberry Tincture to soothe gum inflammation and mouth ulcer, Chamomile for...
SansFluo Kids Toothbrush Step 3 (5 to 10 years old)
Kids 5-10 years old undergo the slow process of replacing their baby teeth with permanent ones. As a result, they get mixed dentition - the state of having both permanent and baby teeth. Let your child easily take care of...
SansFluo Kids Toothbrush Step 2 (2 to 5 years old)
Kids already trained on how to properly brush their teeth are ready for the next level of good oral care habits. Time for them to use SansFluo Kids Toothbrush for toddlers. --- Its main features are the following: Customized head...
SansFluo Pen Grip Baby Toothbrush Step 1
The SansFluo Pen Grip Toothbrush is designed for parents to hold and use on their baby's teeth, with a long handle to gain easy access and clean the hard-to-reach baby molars. Studies have shown that holding the toothbrush in a...
SansFluo Natural Xylitol Swab
Scientists and dental experts worldwide recommend that children have regular applications of xylitol during the entire process of tooth eruption to prevent dental caries. SansFluo Natural Xylitol Swab has a high concentration of xylitol especially formulated for children 6 months...
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