Playdate Matching Eggs Educational Toys
These are not just ordinary eggs, they are colorful matching eggs! Play educational toys with your kids with Playdate's New Matching Eggs!  --- Educational benefits: Independence Color Recognition Hand-Eye Coordination Fine Motor Skills Spatial Thinking Features: 12 Colored Eggs Plastic...
from ₱300.00
Playdate Color Classification Educational Toys
These color-classification educational toys are useful sensory and practical life toys needed for early childhood stimulation! --- These Montessori toys are colorful and interesting. These can inspire children's enthusiasm for learning and exploration. With this pack of toys, children can...
Playdate Matching Train Locks Educational Toys
Enjoy such activities with your kids and play with them using Playdate's Matching Train Locks! This educational toy will surely be a big help in developing our kids' fine motor skills and more! --- Educational Benefits: Independence Hand-Eye Coordination Fine...
Playdate Panda Sketch Kids Writing Tablet
Bring out the creativity of your kids with the new Playdate Panda Sketch Kids Writing Tablet!  --- Equipped with a screen locking button to prevent accidental erasure. Leather pen holder cap keeping a pen handy. Images are deleted completely with...
Playdate Kebo Magnetic Racing Car
Magnetic building tiles with car tracks! Enjoy building multiple variations of race tracks with your little ones! --- Enjoy playing with your kids with Playdate Kebo Magnetic Racing Car! Available in 2 sizes: 50pcs & 100pcs
from ₱1,600.00
Playdate Kebo Gear Magnetic Tiles
Magnetic building tiles with gears! Enjoy building multiple variations with your little ones!  
Playdate Kebo Wonderful Zoo
Magnetic building tiles featuring zoo animals! Enjoy building multiple variations with your little ones!
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