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The Award-winning & Patented SWIMTRAINER "Classic" is the only float that puts your baby in the correct swimming position, enabling your baby to develop confidence in the water. Lots of fun, Safely! From Freds Academy in Germany, teach your baby to swim in the ideal position from 3 months old and up! Safety First, Always!


FORMATIVE: Provides ideal swimming position for babies in water

ENCOURAGES CONFIDENCE: Allows children to learn to swim naturally at an early age, encouraging independence

CONVENIENT & SAFE: Has inflatable pads to prevent slipping through. Easy to wear with patented clip fastener/adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forward.

CERTIFIED SAFETY/QUALITY: Made of robust PVC, tested by TUV & GS, Phthalate-free

3 SWIMTRAINER VARIANTS: (Red, Orange, Yellow)


RED (3months-4yrs old)

Suitable for babies 3 months - 4 yrs old (6-18kg: 13-40lbs)

The safest swimming tool aids in introducing babies to early habituation in water with a large base of support to ensure safety and proper floatation and learning the correct leg movements. Encourages “frog reflex” in babies to initiate their first independent movements in the water while they lay safely. This flotation device supports the chest and keeps the tummy in a semi-lying position. The baby floats independently and will not slip through the device due to its specially designed-safety.

ORANGE (2-6yrs old)

Suitable for Toddlers/Kids 2-6 yrs old (15-30kg: 33-65lbs)

Has a slightly smaller base of support allowing more movement in the water. Designed for teaching the active to the perfect arm and leg movements.

YELLOW (4-8yrs old)

Suitable for ages 4 - 8 yrs old (20-36kg: 45-80lbs)

Has thinner base support that aids children to learn the ideal swimming position in the water. Suitable only for advanced learners. · Best for kids who are confident in the water but are still in the process of learning how to swim. Swimtrainer YELLOW will teach them the proper swimming position before they can fully swim on their own.

NOTE: The main difference between Classic Red vs. Orange?

The red one has a larger base of support which prevents toppling over and adds stability in water. The orange one with a smaller base of support allows more freedom of movement. This is for the active, happy toddler in the water.


- Babies 3 months to 1 year 10 months, automatically choose RED

- Babies 2 years old to 3 years old, if a baby has tried swimming already and if confident in the water (confident meaning not afraid or hesitant in the water): Confident - ORANGE, Not confident - RED

- Do not forget to refer to the instruction booklet included in the box, and inflate accordingly (white parts first, then nozzle #1, then nozzle #2) this will ensure proper floatation and prevent toppling over in the water.

- Use of a manual hand-driven air pump is allowed but we tell parents to be mindful and not over-inflate. electric/automatic air pumps are definitely not allowed

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