Momotaro Anti-Mosquito Sticker 36's

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A new product that will help you keep yourself and children safe from mosquito bites!

Fragrance-free, non-irritating

Stick on clothes without touching the skin

The protection effect lasts for up to 6 hours DEET-free

Product Features

This product uses plant-derived essential oil ingredients, which are released through the volatilization of essential oils, and play a certain protective role.

Easy to carry, suitable for home, traveling, camping, walking, and mountaineering.

Main ingredients

Plant essential oils, such as citronella, rose, etc

Method of use

Take out the plant essential oil protective tape and stick it directly to appropriate places such as clothes, baby cribs, etc.

Please paste a few places appropriately according to the specific use environment for better effect.


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Momotaro Anti-Mosquito Sticker 36's
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