Mama Tales Organic Tummy Balm 12g

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Mahahing Balm Organic Yuzu scent from Mama Tales. New Tummy Balm to apply on the stomach to reduce flatulence/ indigestion (kabag). Japanese Yuzu orange smell, fresh smell, resistant to the pungent smell of Mahahing. Size 12 grams


Reduce flatulence/ indigestion (kabag)

Removes the gas

Helps relieve gas discomfort

Relaxes your baby's tummy

Nausea, motion sickness, seasickness 

Indigestion after eating/milk

Suitable for babies 0 months and up. Yuzu orange smell. Fresh scent. Blended extracts

Mahahing (Asafoetida extract) herbal medicine that has properties to help digestion, remove air, and relieve flatulence.

Made of:

Mix Ginger Oil, extracted from fresh ginger and old ginger. keeps the body warm, stimulates blood flow and helps relieve stress, relaxes the body


Bergamot Oil relieves stress. Refreshing.

Peppermint (Peppermint Oil) helps relieve pain, relieve fatigue, cure seasickness & heartburn

Yuzu oil, fresh scent- Helps reduce nausea (relax) Comes in the form of a balm stick. Easy to use. Does not smudge on your hands. The texture of the balm is not sticky. Does not stick on clothes too Just open the lid, turn and apply. Convenient to use.


  • Natural and organic extracts
  • Does not cause irritation
  • No chemicals, safe and reliable
  • Size is 12 grams
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Mama Tales Organic Tummy Balm 12g
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