Magicopper Antiviral Cutting Wrap

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Constantly kills food-borne bacteria, fungi, and viruses upon contact.  Magicopper antimicrobial copper wraps inhibit the growth and spread of food-borne germs which causes your food to spoil as well as make you sick.  It utilizes antimicrobial nano-copper technology to completely eliminate 99.99% germs in contact to its surface.

"Store your food longer and in a safer way!

Magicopper Antiviral Cutting Wrap helps you avoid foodborne illnesses by removing and keeping away contaminants from the products you consume. Copper nanoparticles present on both sides of the film constantly get rid of 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and germs upon contact. Slow down food spoilage or food rot and preserve its freshness for an extended time.

Not only effective as a food wrap, but it is also suitable for use on any surface, may it be metal or plastic. Use it as a protective cover or as packaging for your items! Keep your doorknobs, tables, tools, utensils, instruments, and parcels safe to touch!"

How to use Antiviral Magicopper Wrap

  1. Open the wrap case and take out the cutter.
  2. Remove the tape on the cutter and attach the cutter on the marked place.
  3. Use the wrap simply and safely by pushing it from side to side.


  • Do not store in direct sunlight or places with temperature and moisture.
  • Keep away from infants and children.
  • Do not use in a toaster, over, gas stove, etc. (proper food packaging in less than 100'c)
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Magicopper Antiviral Cutting Wrap
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