Little Baby Grains: Mushroom Powder (6+ months)

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Train your babies to eat vegetables by introducing what it tastes like. With Little Baby Grains Mushroom Powder, cooking and preparing foods for our babies became more fun! Give them an adventure of taste now!
By using premium shiitake mushrooms, we are able to ensure an ultra-fine powder texture, ensuring an easier and more thorough mix into your food.
- Made from 100% natural mushroom powder from quality shiitake mushrooms
- Cooled under a temperature-controlled, UV environment to prevent contamination and bacteria growth
- No added salt and preservatives
- Easy to use twist top cap with 2 openings: Sprinkle and Pour

Usage Instructions:
- Use in your cooking or add as a natural flavor to porridge, soup, noodles, or pasta
- After opening, store in a fridge or cool and dry place and use within 3 months
Ingredients: Premium shiitake mushrooms
Weight: 40g ( Up to 4 servings)
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Little Baby Grains: Mushroom Powder (6+ months)
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