Cuckoo Multi-functional Twin Pressure Rice Cooker

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Enjoy meals cooked consistently with Cuckoo, the most trusted rice cooker brand in Korea! Make a variety of dishes with this multi-functional twin-pressure rice cooker that has 12 modes to cater to all your culinary needs. From fluffy or sticky white rice to nutritious baby menus for your little one, Cuckoo offers endless cooking with low effort.


Easy to Operate
One-touch LED display panel with customizable voice guide (Korean, Chinese, & English).

High Pressure Mode
For dishes that require prolonged cooking, use this mode to shorten cooking time. Best used for super grains, multi-grains, samgyetang, pork stews, pork BBQ ribs, etc.

Non Pressure Mode
For meals that are more convenient to cook, use this mode for fluffy consistency of rice grains, noodles, paella, vegetables, etc. 

Auto Cleaning Mode
Automatically cleans the interior parts of the unit for thorough cleaning after each use.

Locking Mechanism Safety Feature
Ensures the lid is safely secured as soon as the unit has started operating and will only open when the function is completed or has been canceled.

Stainless Steel Inner Pot with Non-Stick Coating
X Wall diamond inner pot coating for safer cooking and clean up in between meal times. 

Audible Notification After Countdown
Notifies users when meal preparation will soon be completed.

Cooking capacity: 

White Rice / High Heat White Rice 
1 to 6 cups (0.18 ~ 1.08L)

Super Turbo White Rice / Mixed Rice / High Heat Mixed Rice
1 to 4 cups (0.18 ~ 0.72L)

GABA Rice / High Heat GABA Rice
1 to 4 cups (0.18 ~ 0.72L)

Non Pressure White Rice, Veggie Rice / Frozen Stored Rice
1 to 4 cups (0.81 ~ 0.72L)

Product Specifications:

Model - CRP-ST06 TOOL

Rated Voltage: 220-240V~, 50Hz

Consumption: 880W (Cook), 95W (Warm)

Power cord length: 1.6m

Pressure: 78.4KPa (0.8kgf/cm² )

Weight: 5.8kg

Dimensions: 354mm x 261mm x 265mm


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Cuckoo Multi-functional Twin Pressure Rice Cooker
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