Bubbaboo Bamboo Noah's Ark Suction Plate

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The ark bamboo plate is the perfect way to combine weaning and storytime, and captures little ones' imagination while engaging them in exploring new foods and textures. With three compartments, you can arrange veggies and snacks two by two, while the suction plate base and lipped edge reduce spillages. 


No more constantly picking food up from the floor  – bubbaboo suction plates stick like glue. Weathering any storm, this ark bamboo plate refuses to capsize and will stay put even when your bundle of joy is a tidal wave of activity. What’s even better is that the suction feature is completely removable, giving you a plate that grows as your baby does, helping them develop their independence as they transition into a toddler. 


Are you looking for plastic-free, toxin-free bamboo suction plates that fuel their imagination? Thanks to our 100% natural bamboo plates, baby weaning is as safe, healthy, and wholesome as can be. Nothing’s boarding the ark unless it’s food safe certified, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and ethically made. Plus, our entire range is anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, ensuring mealtimes are as hygienic and happy as possible.


Want to make baby-led weaning fun and interactive? With our bamboo plates, baby is in charge, allowing your little one to explore new tastes and textures by picking up different types of food. This is key in building their confidence and independence, and the ark design suction plate with multiple compartments will make the experience all the more exciting. With 3 eye-catching colors to choose from (yellow, orange, and blue).

All our bamboo suction plates adapt to your child as they become more independent at mealtimes. A removable suction base means that the ark bamboo baby plate can be used for many years to come, giving your bubba lots of enjoyment into their toddler years and beyond.

The dimensions of this plate are 25cm in width and 20cm in height, with an extra-strong suction measuring 15cm in diameter. The perfect size for growing appetites post-weaning!  

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    Bubbaboo Bamboo Noah's Ark Suction Plate
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