Tooky Toy My Calendar Tooky Toy My Calendar
Tooky Toy My Calendar
My Calendar is a one-of-a-kind calendar that is designed to teach kids easily about the months, seasons, and time. It incorporates easily adjustable tabs to indicate the date and weather. --- A great learning resource; Includes clock, days, dates, months,...
Tooky Toy Shape Sorter Tooky Toy Shape Sorter
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Tooky Toy Shape Sorter
The shape sorter toys are a great way to develop problem-solving skills while helping them in achieving exceptional motor skills. The capabilities of Hand and eye coordination are crucial skills for the early development of children. They will have lots...
Tooky Toy Block Puzzle Tooky Toy Block Puzzle
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Tooky Toy Block Puzzle
This is a great puzzle to use to teach your child shapes and colors. Made with good quality wooden and chunky pieces which are easy for your child to handle. Your child will spend hours playing with this great toy...
Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2 Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2
Tooky Toy Baby Walker 2
Work on those feet with Tooky Toy Baby Walker! --- This bright and colorful multi-function baby walker would be fun for any little one The baby walker has a wire bead maze, shape sorter, recognition blocks, gears, mirror, abacus, xylophone,...
Tooky Toy Penguin Tower Tooky Toy Penguin Tower
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Tooky Toy Penguin Tower
Wooden Stacker with five brightly colored rings. Children will refine their eye-hand coordination and motor skills. Helps children feel and understand size and proportion. Can be used to teach children basic colors and counting from 1 year - 5 years. Suitable for ages 12...
Tooky Toy Fishing Game Tooky Toy Fishing Game
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Tooky Toy Fishing Game
An educational wooden puzzle stick board game with the magnetic fishing game. It is best for your child to develop concentration and inculcates logical thinking skills. It is perfect for gifting and also keeps your child amused for hours at...
Tooky Toy Elephant Stacking Game Tooky Toy Elephant Stacking Game
Tooky Toy Elephant Stacking Game
This Elephant Stacking Set from Tooky Toy is incredibly versatile, an excellent quality game/toy that develops fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, understanding weight and balance, and logical thinking. Fun to play alone or with friends, each elephant and the wooden plate...
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