Z -Touch Door Pull Handle Antimicrobial Pad

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The innovative mobile pad prevents and eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses including COVID-19 from the common touchpoint area to reduce the infection up to 99.99% with SMART NANO ION technology. Kills germs, bacteria, and viruses within 5 minutes. 240 times faster than Copper. Safe for children and pets with LAB results, certified by leading institutions.

Features of Z-Touch pad

  • Kills Human Coronavirus up to 99.99% (ALG Lab Group – FRANCE)
  • Kills Influenza A virus (H1N1) up to 99.9% (Mahidol University – JAPAN)
  • Kills bacteria up to 99.99% (FITI, KMUTT)
  • There is no residue accumulation on the surface so it is safe for children and pets
  • Kills viruses and bacteria with the Smart Nano ion technology
  • The lifetime of this pad is up to 90 days (90 days-virus free).
  • This pad is approved by the FDA of the United States.
  • Safe Has LAB results, certified by ALG, FiTi, Intertek, SGS, KCL, FDA USA, CE Europe, KC MARK, KMUTT

How it works:

Step 1: When germs, bacteria, or viruses touched the surface of the Z - TouchPad it will act like a black hole and be sucked down to the bottom layer with Micro-Porous Layer technology, keeping the surface clean all the time.

Step 2: Smart Nano Ion in the Z -Touchpad will enter the cells of germs, bacteria, and viruses, and accelerate the reaction to eliminate them

Step 3: Germs, bacteria, and viruses will be completely destroyed at the level of DNA & RNA. Features - Innovative elimination of germs and bacteria with the Smart Nano Ion technology.

  • Best to install at the common touchpoints to eliminate infection and reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.
  • No residue accumulation on the surface

How to use:

  1. Clean the surface to be free from dust and grease before installing the Z -Touchpad
  2.  Install the Z-Touch pad on the door handle to inhibit and reduce the accumulation of germs and bacteria around the Z-Touch pad
  3. For maximum efficiency, the Z -Touchpad should be replaced with a new one after 90 days of use.

Product Specifications:

  • Product size 14 x 18 cm.
  • Product weight 12 grams
  • 1pc per box

Pain Points: The pad which prevents the area from viruses and bacteria.

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Z -Touch Door Pull Handle Antimicrobial Pad
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